Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I started this blog last October at a time when my own observations of the state of our nation led me to a stunning conclusion: The world moves and changes so fast now that if our country has poor leadership, it can set progress back a full generation –or more. At that time George Bush had proven himself to be inadequate as a leader, and determined to adhere to his misguided principles, even to the detriment of the everyday American citizen.

It is the collective determination and wisdom of those citizens that will restore America to its traditional greatness. That is why when I came across a new movement called Born Again American, I was quite moved. Here you have smart, forward-thinking, determined American citizens, banding together, coast to coast, lifting their voices in their shared effort to be heard. As one who has always believed that one person can truly make a positive difference in the world, it was a joyous experience for me to find out that upwards of 90,000 Americans have signed the Born Again American Pledge.
Here is what it says:

I am a born American
I am my country’s keeper
My President and my Congress report to me—
And so,
I will stay informed and involved
I will make my voice heard
And not just at election time
I can make a difference
I matter
I am an American – born again
On the Born Again American website, you will find critical information about how to communicate with your elected officials; how to volunteer in your community; how to register to vote; and you will learn about your precious freedoms.

Speak up. Be heard. You matter. You absolutely do.


Nicole and Mon Voyage said...

I hope the beginning is actually "born again American" as opposed to "born American", which sounds a bit anti-naturalization and nativist ;-)

But on that very subject of being involved, I'm on my way to the TX state capitol next Tuesday to lead a group from my church participating in the Texas Catholic Conference "Charity & Justice Advocacy Day" to meet with legislators. We will be advocating on issues of Health & Human Services, Immigration and Criminal Justice Reform, inasmuch as Catholic social teaching about "the least among us" relates to policy and legislation on these issues.

The pro-lifers get all the glory, but there's a lot of church teaching and Catholic policy goals that are more "left" than "right". We are just trying to get someone to think about those for a change.

Joan Eisenstodt said...

Thanks for this Paul -- good to know since I consider myself one of the "born again Americans" who is finally proud of this country and what it can be. At a conference this week, w/ people from many countries, it was heartening to hear how those around the world celebrate our government's change. And as Nicole is doing .. we all have to do more. Might I recommend that one start would be giving rights to the citizens of DC? The bill to do so is in mark up. Go to www.dcvote.org and learn more.