Sunday, April 5, 2009


It is Sunday afternoon, and the economy is still in the dumps, there was another mass murder yesterday, joblessness is higher than it has been in a quarter century and as if losing access to peanut butter were not bad enough, now they tell us not to eat pistachios. I figured we could all use a moment away from the reality of doom and gloom. So I want you to watch this video.

The dancer is a would-be slacker from Connecticut named Matt, who got lucky and went on a corporately-sponsored trip to 42 countries on 7 continents. The story behind Matt’s world journey is fascinating, and you can read it for yourself at But right now, I just want you to see what unbridled joy looks like at a time when joy would seem to be in short supply. Matt danced his way around the world, and as he went, the joy became contagious and countrymen from L.A. to Iceland, Sydney to Singapore, London to Batswana danced with him. Please take four minutes and 29 seconds, go full screen, pump up the volume and have some joy. You’re welcome.

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