Tuesday, October 12, 2010


A few days ago, here on Greenberg Rants, you may have read a story called, “2010: Year of the Political Whack Job.” There are so many from which to choose this election season. So, should we be surprised that Ohio Tea Party favorite Rich Iott likes to relax on weekends by dressing up as a Nazi soldier and acting out actual World War II battles with other grown men? Oy. Even if what Iott says is true -- that historical re-enactments are educational, and that he did it as a father-son bonding experience – at the very least it lacks good judgment. At the extreme, it smacks of anti-Semitism. Oh Rich, Rich. Couldn’t you and your son just go fishing like Sheriff Andy and Opie? Call me crazy, but even the best fiction writer couldn’t make this stuff up. Watch:

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