Saturday, November 20, 2010


Sometimes big heroes come in small packages. Consider Graeme Taylor, age 14. In tiny Howell, Michigan (population less than 10,000), a teacher banned a student from his classroom for a full day when the student made insulting, anti-gay comments. The school, in turn, suspended the teacher, Jay McDowell, without pay for a full day. Outraged by this news, young Taylor attended a school board meeting and spoke up for McDowell. Taylor is not a student at the school, and only spoke at the meeting because of his strong feelings about what happened in that classroom. Whether you agree with McDowell's actions or not, do what I did: take one minute and 48 seconds to listen and learn from a wise 14-year-old:

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BucktownSweetie's Eats said...

That is an amazing kid. Perhaps his voice can carry throughout our country to inspire others. I am not gay but have friends and family that are and I know that this is a civil right. No one would choose to be taunted. I commend that teacher for defending his students and commend this boy (who didn't even attend that school) for supporting that teacher.