Wednesday, January 26, 2011


It was just another day at P.S. 22 in Staten Island, NY, if there ever is ‘just another day’ at this school. This was the day the school choir would perform its annual holiday concert. If you haven’t heard of the P.S. 22 choir, you will. In fact, as a surprise, actress Ann Hathaway showed up for the concert with a big announcement. Hathaway, who is co-hosting the 83rd Annual Academy Awards this year with James Franco, actually came with an invitation. The kids in the choir, most of whom have never been on an airplane or away from their parents overnight, are invited to perform at the Oscars. Here is how it all went down:

If you want to know how a bunch of kids from an elementary school have gained this much notoriety, go to YouTube. The choir is all over YouTube, and once you start listening, it’s addictive. These kids, led by the colorful “Mr. B.,” Greg Breinberg, love their music and it seems they love their growing national popularity. For his part, Breinberg, 35, is the teacher we all wish we had had somewhere along the way. He’s funny, always upbeat, sort of an overgrown kid himself and determined the kids in his choir develop a true love of music. To make that happen, he encourages them to sing popular music. There is no way to measure how greatly Mr. B is helping these kids enhance their self esteem.

Lady Gaga sung by 10-year-olds? Yes, please. And you never know who will drop by. Gaga’s been to P.S. 22 to see the kids, as has Beyonce, Randy Jackson, Tori Amos (Mr. B’s favorite), Kylie Minogue, Ne-Yo and many others. Oprah has given them a shout out on her show, the New York Times and Wall Street Journal have both featured them on their pages, and now….the Oscars. If you’re wondering why they are such a phenomenon, watch and listen to what happened when Queen Latifah and Common stopped by PS 22 during rehearsal:

"GLEE" has nothing on these kids. This is the real thing.

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