Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Former Vice-President and global warming communicator Al Gore addressed the Aspen Institute last week. He talked about many issues, but when he got to those who dispute the existence of global warming, he let loose. Clearly frustrated by what he sees as pure ignorance, Gore’s real concern is that while people are debating the reality of global warming, more and more damage is happening to the earth. Gore is one of the most activistic former VPs in the country’s modern history, but advocating for the environment can be tough, particularly when the arguments for and against are always along partisan lines. Listen to what 35 years of an uphill battle will do to a guy – even a former Vice-President of the U.S. You can fast forward to 22:46 to hear for yourself, or listen to the entire highlights of Gore's speech: Al Gore highlights by aspenjournalism


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