Wednesday, May 16, 2012


ROLLER COASTER WEEK FOR ZIMMERMAN: The fallout from the Trayvon Martin case continues. This week, George Zimmerman's medical records were uncovered by ABC News, revealing that Martin’s accused killer indeed had a broken nose after the incident. He also had two black eyes and a cut on the back of his head. That would be encouraging news for the defense, were it not for another report this week that the FBI is considering charging Zimmerman with a hate crime. Orlando’s WFTV, the local ABC affiliate, reveals that if these new charges are brought against Zimmerman, he would be eligible for the death penalty.

 FACEBOOK’S IPO MAY TOP $16 BILLION: By mid-week, Facebook had upped its initial public offering to what could make the company’s value skyrocket to $16 billion. That would make it the fourth largest IPO in U.S. history. What happens when NASDAQ trading begins on Friday will reveal whether investors think the price is too high. Meanwhile, General Motors announced it is pulling $10 million worth of advertising from Facebook’s site. No explanation so far, but speculation ranges from not enough bang for the buck to negotiations that simply soured. Whatever the reason, it’s not good timing for Facebook to lose a major player.  

: Jamie Dimon,(left) the CEO of JP Morgan, gets to keep his job and his $23 million annual salary, even though the investment firm revealed a stunning $2 billion loss this week. At the annual shareholders meeting, Dimon was retained as CEO. The company’s troubles are far from over, however, with a rumored FBI probe and the SEC hovering. Even worse, the shareholders are rebelling en masse, filing lawsuits alleging the firm took unreasonable risks with their cash. Still, here's the big question: How does Dimon keep his throne when JP Morgan Chief Investment Officer Ina Drew gets fired? Answer: No mystery there: life in corporateland just ain't fair.  

EDWARDS DEFENSE RESTS: One of the most high-profile jury trials in recent memory came to an abrupt halt this week, as the John Edwards defense team rested their case without calling Edwards or Rielle Hunter to the stand. It was widely reported that Edwards’ daughter, Cate Edwards would be called by the defense, but she was not. Legal pundits now theorize that the prosecution did not prove their campaign contribution abuse claims beyond a shadow of a doubt, and that the defense quit while it was ahead. Some say a verdict could be forthcoming by the weekend.  

ALLEGED: MS COP-IMPOSTER KILLING MOTORISTS: What do you do if you are pulled over by a law enforcement officer in an unmarked car?
In Mississippi, you should probably keep driving. Northern MS authorities suspect a series of highway deaths may be attributed to a man posing as a police officer who directs motorists to pull over and then shoots them. Click here for details.

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