Friday, October 31, 2008

Hey...Whatever happened to.....

John and Elizabeth Edwards disappeared from the media radar screen on or about August 9, 2008. That was one day after Edwards, the All-American Presidential candidate with the matinee idol looks, admitted to an extra-marital affair with one Rielle Hunter. Hunter, as it turned out, had given birth to a baby some months earlier. Edwards was caught by the National Enquirer visiting his paramour and her spawn at a Los Angeles hotel. When the photographer from the Enquirer focused his lens on the candidate, he ran into a men's bathroom and hid out. Pretty trashy all around.
Edwards essentially committed career suicide by owning up to the affair in the modern day, high tech version of the town square -- network television. His appearance on ABC News was about the last time we saw him. Elizabeth Edwards, who reportedly battles inoperable cancer, was the subject of a heart-wrenching cover story in People Magazine. Shortly after that story, we stopped hearing much about either Edwards.
Until this week, that is.
This week we learned of the death of prominent Democratic fundraiser Fred Barron, who succumbed to cancer at 61. Barron was the well-healed Texas attorney who admitted sending money to Rielle Hunter. He had been the national finance chairman for the Edwards Presidential campaign. He claimed Edwards had no involvement with the payments, which reportedly went toward quietly resettling Rielle in California.
Also this week, the New York Post reports that Edwards, now 55, is no longer living with his wife and family, and that Elizabeth Edwards was seen at an event Monday night, looking a bit worse for the wear, and not wearing her wedding ring.
Will John Edwards re-emerge on the national political scene? Is he the true babydaddy to Rielle's child? Has the scandal and its ensuing avalanche of bad press weakened Elizabeth Edwards' resolve and compromised her already fragile health?
I am just nosey enough to keep my eye on this story and I will keep you posted, because you are just nosey enough to want to know more.

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