Friday, October 31, 2008

HEADLINES! The Rest of the Story...

The problem goes something like this: A big story breaks. It's everywhere from to the New York Times, and within days it is as stale as a 24-hour old New Orleans French bread. We news junkies get bored easily, and unless some crackerjack Lois Lane type can come up with something new and really, really hot, we're on to the next big thing.
Now that I have my own ranting arena, I'm going to turn you on to the follow-up details on some of the irresistable stories of the day. For example, did you know that Cindy McCain was not always the fashion forward gal you have seen this year? That Joe the Plumber now has an agent and has an eye on a country and western music career? That The Donald is still trying to bail Ed McMahon out his mortgage mess?
Watch the blog periodically for "The Rest of the Story..." where I'll keep you juiced on the who, what and where stories that you almost forgot about.
So...Here's rest of some of this week's top stories:
The Jennifer Hudson Family Murders: As it turns out, it looks like the nephew of singer/actress Jennifer Hudson was still alive after his grandmother and uncle were murdered. Police say now that the boy was actually murdered in the SUV where his body was found.
Steve Fossett's remains found: Investigators have found human remains that appear to be those of adventurer Steve Fossett, who has been missing since September 2007.
Barack Obama's Aunti Zeituni lives in a Boston public housing project. But you knew that. What you may not have heard is that she is in this country illegally.
After Senator Elizabeth Dole labeled her church-elder opponent, Kay Hagan "Godless," Hagan filed a defmation of character suit against Dole.
Nebraska's Safe Haven Law, a law designed to protect newborns who might otherwise be abandoned,is probably up for some retooling. It seems frustrated parents have been dropping their wayward teens off at area hospitals and simply leaving. Before you check Mapquest for directions to Omaha, watch this.

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