Sunday, March 8, 2009


This morning I spent $25 on a guy named Tim. Don't know him. Probably never will know him. Could be him in the blink of an eye. Tim is the new face of homelessness in America. Now, thanks to an online viral marketing campaign, Tim may get a second chance at the American Dream. You remember the American Dream, don't you? That's where we all have a chance to have a piece of the American pie, a roof over our heads, wheels in the garage, plenty of beef in the fridge, chips in the cupboard and a soft bed to sleep on in a quiet room?

Tim's story is sort of a contemporary social experiment. It is the story of the intersection of technology and socio-economic struggle. Find out more. Go to There you will learn that Tim is 37, dreams of having a family, considers himself honest and loyal, calls himself a "jack of all trades," thinks about God every night, and wound up living on the street after he gave up hope.

Here's a newsflash. You could be Tim. I could be Tim. Tim is the face of New America. I hope you'll ante up a few bucks and do the right thing. Hopelessness is just a guy named Tim, but hope is in your hands. Just do it. Timothy Edwards:

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